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Troop 161 was chartered on March 13, 1927 and has a rich history spanning over eight decades. We serve youth living and going to school in the neighborhood of Clifton and the surrounding area in Cincinnati, Ohio. We meet year round on Tuesday nights from 7:00 until 8:30 at Calvary Episcopal Church, 3766 Clifton Ave. We have at least one overnight activity a month and at least one week of Scout Camp in the summer. See the "About Us" section for more information about the Troop. If you have any questions or you want to request more information about joining the Troop, just click on Contact Us in the menu to the left to send us a message.


Click here to sign up for Caving trip

Our annual (COVID not withstanding) caving trip is happily looming on the horizon!  Warren High has received confirmation that we have reservations at the Great Salt Petre Reserve to go caving on August 6th.  We will leave the church on 8/5, cave all day on 8/6 and return on 8/7.  

Details will be forwarded in the coming weeks, but we need to start a head count of who is going now!  This is a great event for not only scouts, but relatives, siblings, other adults, etc to attend.  There's a form (linked here and up above) for each scouting family to fill out here to get a head count.  If any family has more than 4 non-scout members attending, please let us know!!


Summer Camp - WE LEAVE IN UNDER A WEEK!!!!

Posted on Jul 3 2022 - 9:11pm

Hello Troop!  We leave for camp in just under a week.  Hopefully, all of the scouts and families that are going have already seen this, but just in case, here's 

July 4th parade

Posted on Jun 28 2022 - 4:56pm

There were at least 4 volunteers for this at a meeting a couple of weeks ago.  Here’s the details:

Troop 161 will be leading the Northside 4th of July Parade as the color guard. We will need 6 Scouts in Class A uniforms and 2 adults to drive and accompany the Scouts. We will need the troop banner, pole to hold the banner, the Troop and American flag and the flag holder vests. Bring plenty of water.

Summer Camp - To do list and Meeting for parents of 1st time campers

Posted on Jun 6 2022 - 7:37pm

Hello Summer Campers - Can you believe that summer camp is only one week away? There are a couple of things we need your help with in the very near future:

Bridging -Schedule

Posted on May 30 2022 - 3:19pm

Hello Scouts and Scouts to be.  As you are aware, we are just days out from Bridging.  A couple of things:

1. Please sign up here -  Bridging Sign up - as of Monday afternoon we only have responses from 5 families.  

Bridging is This Weekend - WE FAMILIES TO SIGN UP!

Posted on May 30 2022 - 3:19pm

Our Bridging over ceremony is THIS WEEKEND,  June 4th and 5th.  For those of you new to the troop, or newish to the troop or just need a reminder, this is our annual ceremony to welcome our newest Webelo's to the the Scouts. This event also involves a pot luck dinner (the troop cooks burgers and dogs) and a Court of Honor to recognize the accomplishments of our current scouts.  There's also an archery range that may include some shooting skills with pellet rifles!!  

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